The Wonderful World of Vinyl Lingerie

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The synthetic material called vinyl has been around us since the early years of the 20th century. However, many people still do not know much about it aside from wearing lingerie. It is an organic compound containing the ethanol, which were first synthesized in 1909 by Austrian chemist G. Prust. In other parlance, the material is known as PVC for polyvinyl chloride.

In a way, it can be argued that it is not a material at all but a thermoplastic. It is naturally hard but with the addition of plasticizers, become flexible and elastic. Aside from the clothing industry, as we mostly know it, vinyl is also used in other industries such as in construction, medicine, and toys, packaging and even electronics. The cool thing about this type of synthetic material is that, being a plastic, it has no real limitations to form into any shapes and sizes.

The inclusion of this type of material in the clothing industry has somehow revolutionized the way people manifest and think about fashion. Everything can now be made out of it, from brassiere to panty to mini dress to halter top to jacket and too many others. The kind of style and form of vinyl clothing is only limited to ones imagination. With the use of this material, the final decision rests on the designer and the person who will use these pieces.

The more common though remains the this lingerie items because of their flexibility, one of a kind look and comfort from wearing them. The lingerie pieces made from this particular material gives off a shiny, cool and synthetic appeal. It should not be mistaken that the attraction of such garments comes from their techno-cum-hip styles, not because they appear soft or natural. There is something extraordinary about bras and panties made from this type of material that most women who have used them get a sense of unique sexiness in their clothing.

As stated garments of this kind are not all about panties and bras. They are not only catered for already sexy women, as there areavailable plus-sized sets. There are also clothing materials for men that are made up of it like jackets and shorts. But more so, there are complete sets and packages of lingerie and clothing for the ever-vain ladies out there. If purchased by bulk, most of these materials are offered much cheaper even. Some of the best selling pieces include the dress with cut out cups and boning. They are sold for only $41. The long sleeve jacket, offered at only $56, comes with buckle front and mesh sleeves. Again, these pieces are offered much cheaper when purchased in sets or just by pairs.


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