General trends in 2009

designer tojAt the end of all the gateways of clothing and accessories for 2009, and the trends that were developed in 2008, can be anticipated in some fashion trends for 2009, either for autumn-winter 2009 or spring-summer 2009.

Regarding shoes, platforms are the most used. The shoes come in itself an incredible variety of formats and options, perhaps the most notable trend is the shoes "drafts", or with many openings and strips. They also come adorned with ruffles and fringes. Fashion boots are long, even above the knee or the spoils.

Regarding coats, leopard prints are also a very strong trend. With leopard printed scarves are still using.

Dresses continue the trend of 2008, the Greek or Roman silhouettes, and some original textiles: butterfly prints, suitable for spring and summer. There is no dominant trend in the colors of clothing. With respect to the jeans or trousers in general, it seems that nothing is out this year, cowboys, both as a cigarette or bell-shaped with wide legs, big, tight, worn and broken, waist high and tight or low waist. With regard to jeans, you can experiment with anything.

The leggings are still used, but this time with the option for black latex.

With regard to accessories, the jewelry is proposed with large dimensions. The belts also become important dimensions, big buckles and ornaments very striking.

Small leather jackets are also used widely, especially to accompany dresses. Boho chic style or vintage will be one of the important trends. Maxi bags are still trend.


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