Looking ripe in stripes

designer clothesStripes have always been a tricky look to pull off. These fabrics often look so attractive on the rack of a boutique and they easily stand out to consumers but once they are on the body they can be a different story. In short, it is difficult to find stripes that are flattering to the wearer. However, when worn correctly stripes can either elongate your body or create curves where your physique might be lacking them.

To be on the safe side, pair stripes with solid colors. Granted, on the fashion runway designers sometimes juxtapose stripes with other prints such as floral but we all know what often happens when you try to put runway fashion on the local pavement. It usually pays off to dress on the safe side when it comes to stripes. You can easily appear like a clownish, comical character if you overload them. That being said, stripes can be used to your fashion advantage. Vertically striped trousers can enhance your figure and make you seem slimmer and taller than you are. Thin stripes are especially flattering. Vertical stripes that vary between thin and thick can also work. Horizontal stripes are a bit trickier. A good rule of thumb is to avoid any kind of horizontally striped dress unless you want to look heavier than you are. Strategic horizontal stripes can add hips or a bust where you are lacking however.

Stripes are more often than not found on trainers and athletic wear. Many warm-up jackets have the signature Adidas stripe down the arm. Track pants are usually identified by the thick stripe down the outside of the leg.

Stripes are also creating a stir in professional communities. Women and men are no longer settling for plain, white blouses under jackets. Pin striped, colorful stripes brighten up and outfit and add texture to a seemingly boring office wardrobe. Sharp, clean stripes complement almost any business apparel. For a more casual look, asymmetrical stripes are a funky spin on an old look. Shirts and evening wear featuring slanted lines are very popular this season. Stripes do not have to be straight up and down or straight across; experiment with forms and angles.

source: streetshirts.co.uk

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