Express Your Individuality in Your Fashions

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Building a wardrobe that expresses your own individuality takes a bit of magic. Your mission is to put together clothing you can wear with confidence, and with an attitude that makes each of your choices into your very own style. This includes everything from the tip of your hair to the tip of your heels.

Use every magic trick you know to create your own look. Stamp everything you own with your distinctive personality. Know what looks good on you. A well-rounded wardrobe does not mean that you have spent the most money, or by how many expensive garments you own. It means that you must take care of what you do own.

By caring, you must plan and shop carefully and sensibly. Then after buying your clothing, you must treat them with care when you are not wearing them, and with respect when you are. The magic comes in when you can improvise something that is old, and add to it, or change it into something new. This is an accomplishment that will give you pleasure every time you plan your wardrobe and create your look.

Whenever there is a major change in your life, your wardrobe may be greatly affected. A new job, relocation to another state or even another country, or a divorce has a dramatic influence on your life and the way to dress during those times. Learn to recognize what kind of shopper you are and whether there are any major challenges affecting your life.


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