Robots as Runway Models

designer clothesNowadays modeling is one of the most thrilling profession. Modeling is where educational qualities insignificant, while physical and personal qualities gain utmost importance. Mostly, young people both male and female who has the perfect qualities to be a runway model are being chase by fashion agents to be a runway model. Now, not only humans are being used as a runway model but also humanoids have come to enter the fashion world and used as a runway model. A new talking and walking female fashion robot which can also smile is to make a debut at a fashion show in Tokyo.

Researchers at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology in Japan has developed a cybernetic human that is programed to be a fashion model. This humanoid is designed with a look of an average Japanese woman, weighing 95 pounds, 62.2 inches tall, with a petite silver and black body, small nose on the fair skinned face and has shoulder length black hair. Sharp eyebrows arch over the slightly oversized eyes. It has a feminine look and is currently code named as 'HRP-4C'.

During the demonstration, the robot walked out, and said "Hello" in a feminine voice. It closely resembles a woman in gait and behavior and can also interact with people using speech recognition. Idea of the robot was envisioned in 2006, and took three years of time to materialize. The main purpose of its creation is to utilize in the entertainment industry and in fashion shows.

Plans are contemplated to debut the robot in the runway for a catwalk as a fashion model at the Tokyo Fashion Week. Its body parts are made precisely small enough, and with slim legs to give an appearance of a female model. It would be exciting to see a hot looking woman robot marching down on the ramp, and catch the eyes of android fans. The robot accomplished fairly well in posing for the cameras during the trail run. It also performed model actions like smiling appealingly, and luring the audience with its seductive poses, and sulky pouts. Mere enough qualifications for a top model.


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