The Best Bags for the Little Black Dress

Every girl, every woman, everywhere, has at least one little black dress. You know the one: the closet staple. The dress that can be pulled out each and every time you fear you have ‘nothing to wear’. The little black dress (or “LBD” as it is often fondly nicknamed) is all-important and no fashion-conscious woman in her right mind would have a closet without at least one.

Just because you have the little black dress, however, does not mean you are ready to go out on the town and be seen. Even if you do decide to wear the LBD instead of something more daring, more trendy, more of-the-now, you will still need to complement that dress with a bag that is exactly that, “of the now”. The little black dress is fashion at its most simple, and while this classic piece never goes out of style, the bags that accompany it certainly do. Certainly your dress can be varied in its cut, length, hem, stitching and fabric; but this does not mean it is any less basic than anyone else’s little black dress, it’s just different!

What will set you apart is the proper bag on your arm for the proper occasion, and can in fact make your LBD appear even more timeless and classic. One of the first concerns should be your color choice. Many women feel the need to match the color of their bag with the color of their shoes. This is a fine idea when paired with black, because the otherwise monochromatic look is offset by a simple splash of color which is hopefully highlighted by a woman’s two best accessories: her bag and her shoes. It should go without saying that if ever you are to choose what to spend money on when dressing up an outfit, your bag and your shoes are where to put the cash! There is nothing worse than a beautiful dress or suit marred by cheap shoes and a bag that is either outdated or worn out.


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