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When we hear the word "sweater sets" the first one that come's in our mind is the old fashion sweaters that people in 80's used to wear. But some somehow sweater set are still becoming trendy these days because many designers tries to remake it so that it can keep up with the latest trends.

The latest sweater sets are sleek and sexy while still giving off a classic and conservative vibe. These sweater sets hug the body more than they have historically done. However their evolution is not just in their shape and design, but in what they are most often worn with. It used to be that sweater sets were paired with boring khakis or long skirts.

The main idea of the sweater set is to have a uniform fit and color but some fashion risk takers like to mix and match. You can also wear one of these cardigans with a shirt that doesn’t match. Make sure however that the undershirt is of a lighter fabric and sleeker than the sweater or you will look sloppy. Some women like to buy a looser sweater and then cinch the ends tightly.
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Sweater sets were originally made for conformity. They were the same color, same design, same bland statement. However now they are forsaking their conservative and conformist beginnings and forging new looks. Drag your old sweater sets out of the closet and experiment with them. Make them fresh again.

source: streetshirts.co.uk

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