Fashion Victims - the Dangers of Going to Extremes

designer clothesStylists say that fashion is only for the ramps. Catwalks show public the main fashion trends with a lot of exaggeration. When such couture outfits face real life they not only look silly, but can be very harmful. A model wearing a pair of eight inch heels on the ramp is not the same as regular people wearing them on the streets.

The same concerns corsets, dangerously long earrings or super-tight pants. And it’s not only clothes. Tattoos can be extremely harmful as well and a lot of surgeons keep saying that all the time, but we see sexy Angelina Jolie and funny Drew Berrymor and can't resist a temptation to get one for ourselves.

An earring on the soft earlobe is fine but when several piercing are done on the cartilage, there could be many complications.

Golden and silver eye shadows and eyeliner may abrade of the cornea after getting into the eye. Hair can get damaged as well, if it gets colored and straightened too much.

Maybe that is the reason why models normally prefer sporty style and no make-up at all outside the catwalk. And they always are very careful about the quality of cosmetic brands that they are using.


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