Gwyneth Replacing LC As Annoying Celeb Designer De Jour?

designer clothesAs many of you have heard by now, Lauren Conrad’s fashion line has been canceled (shocker), who could have seen that coming? Yet another celebutante thinking that becoming a fashion designer would be a piece of cake. The Hills star who barely designed the line herself, as we discussed here, is now getting a dose of reality and perhaps a swift kick to her reality star ass. LC has tried to spin the story and claims she has just taken time off to rethink the line and will be back with an improved product. So, we guess it’s just a coincidence that stores like Kitson and Bloomingdale’s reported dismal sales and along with other retailers had already decided to not reorder? Yeah, right!

One would think between, celebrity lines failing left and right and our current economic recession we would get a break from these kinds of endeavors. But no, just as one celebrity line crashes and burns another rises from the ashes. Gwyneth Paltrow has announced she will be designing her own collection for Fall 09’. It’s bad enough that she narcissistically launched her own website, a lifestyle blog teaching the average jane how to be more like her. Now we can all shop, eat, worship, and workout like Gwyneth. Who could ask for more? Well, Gwyneth will now be ”designing” a capsule collection for the French label ZOEtee. Elle UK magazine is so very excited about this, they wrote, “With Gwyneth’s fashion credentials we’re expecting a luxe, sophisticated yet very wearable collection of instant hits.” We’d like to know what freakin fashion credentials? Does being a six foot tall skinny blonde, whose stylists can dress her well, replace actual design ability suddenly? On we go with delusional celebs believing since they can afford to dress well and look good in clothes the next logical step is to launch a fashion line.


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