2009 Menswear Trend: Goth Ninja

Goth Ninja/Batman meets Rick Owens/Dorian Gray meets Damir Doma/Japanese rock star, whatever you call it, it's hot and it's growing.

One of the biggest yet somehow underground driven trends in the last couple of years has been the Goth Ninja; and it's growing as a fashion trend in 2009. The figure hugging, black clad youths are perhaps the biggest consumers of the lesser celebrated designers. They've moved away from most big name Parisian and Milanese designers and reverted back to the Antwerp six and most recently the Tokyo 6 (or was it 7 or 8? I stopped counting after Mihara Yasuhiro).

Its origins are a little bit ambiguous but it seems to be a combination of a misconception of Japanese street wear and self made "waywt" celebrities. This makes it all the more interesting as it may not have necessarily been started out by any one designer or collection. Perhaps the closest one would be Takahiro Miyashita's Number (N)ine A/W 2006. The look has even been picked up by international celebrities such as Big Bang, and umm... well maybe more if the Sartorialist went to a Manifest exhibition which I'm sure would make the look more popular.

To the untrained eye they would definitely look stylish with no obvious logos showing but on closer inspection you would be looking at a full blown label whore. A typical outfit would demonstrate one's fashion knowledge displaying particular attention to design and detail with an expert ability to mix and match. Most outfits would consist of a basic tee from American Apparel, layered with an Ann Demeulemeester top; perhaps a Rick Owens knit and an Undercover or Martin Margiela coat. Bottoms are less daring with the elusive and figure hugging Dior Homme 17 cm jeans or a looser Comme Des Garcons drop-crotch. Throw in a Balenciaga The Day bag or a Louis Vuitton Shopper, some cheap silver accessories, a pair of very expensive Number (N)ine worn leather boot and there you have it. The look is raw, deconstructed, extremely modern but yet very controlled and still very masculine.

Fortunately you wouldn't find them rolling in pigeon blood at Flinders Street Station in Melbourne, nor would you see them running around with a samurai sword. They'd most likely be located outside of a Chanel store, distracted with stalking their female equivalents. This perhaps makes it easier to clobber them on their heads and run off with 10K worth of goods. Kidding.

source: fashionising.com

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Ball Gowns on the Bowery

If the social scene has lost some of its luster due to the economy, you wouldn't have known it Friday at the annual masked ball thrown by Save Venice, the New York-based organization that has raised more than $20 million to restore over 350 works of art and architecture in Italy's famed canal city. Sure, tickets were less expensive this year and it was cocktails at the Bowery Hotel rather than dinner at Cipriani, but the aesthetics were all intact: Antony Todd had transformed the hotel's outdoor patio into a Venetian palazzo, and thanks to fashion sponsor Cho Cheng, there was plenty of lace and flounce. In fact, there was even a bit of dress drama: Frock watchers who remembered Tinsley Mortimer wearing a giant pink Cheng gown to the Met Ball in 2005 were shocked—shocked!—to see a reveler show up in the same look at this party.

source: style.com

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Fall 2009 Legwear Trend: Decoration Day

Glam gams have been all the rage for a few seasons now. But this fall, a greater number of labels pushed the limits of legwear design — and “more is more” seems to be their mantra. “Who needs another pair of basics?” asked designer Jillian Lewis. Her labor-intensive paneled tights were initially developed as a costume for dance performers, and now they’re among the most popular pieces in her fall collection. “They’ve been in such demand since the presentation,” she says. At Cynthia Rowley, where a recent partnership with the United Legwear Company has created a surge in hosiery offerings, a pair of embellished fan-print tights were stunners on the runway. “People talk of risk in this environment,” says Peter Arnold, president at Cynthia Rowley, “but fashion offers an escape. There always needs to be an element of fantasy.” And there certainly is in hose. United Legwear is even producing a slick set of tights decorated with heat-transferred nail heads for the company.

designer toejdesigner toejdesigner toejdesigner toej
The season’s elaborate legwear may not be for the faint of heart, and with bells and whistles like Swarovski accents and Italian leather patches, the prices certainly aren’t for the shallow of pocket. Michael Angel’s pair of crystal-decorated leggings will set customers back $395 at retail, while at Diesel Black Gold, Renzo Rosso’s patchwork leggings will go for $550. And Lewis’ cut-and-sewn leggings will retail for a whopping $695. “Yeah, they’re expensive,” she acknowledges. “But the psychology today is, when it comes to opening our wallets, it better be worth it.”

source: wwd.com

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Making Your Fashion Statement with Tights

designer toejWhen it comes to dressing the legs for any occasion, tights can be a girl's best friend. There are literally thousands of choices in the world of tights, stockings, hosiery, panty hose, hold-ups, and thigh highs. Color, texture, and fit are the very basic decisions one is faced with when trying to choose the perfect leg accessory. Opting to wear world-class hosiery versus that which is cheaply made is, by far, the best choice a woman can make. There isn't a woman in the world who wants to feel as though the bottom half of her body is stuck in a sausage casing. Thankfully, there are fabulous manufacturers and retailers who make and sell top-of-the line tights and their "sisters" - hosiery, stockings, and thigh highs to name a few.

Fashion leg wear is not new in the world of fashion, but it has certainly evolved over the years. Businesses such as Aristoc Tights, founded in 1924, have kept up with trends and continue to produce innovative and sublime tights. The fashion range for leg wear begins with the most basic career looks right in to sexy and chic statements for that special occasion. Couture collections are available and offer the highest quality yarns, fine lace, and workmanship. If you have never tried a pair of silk thigh highs made in Paris, think about adding these classy items to your wardrobe. You will undoubtedly want a pair in every color available!

One of the biggest issues with any type of tights is fit and comfort. There isn't a woman in the world who can stand ill-fitting hosiery. Baggy tops or toes are not an option, nor is material that makes us melt in to the pavement. Most women want their leg wear to feel as though it is a second skin - not to mention having it look flawless on their legs. Waistband comfort is also a big consideration, and the good news is that there are many options to choose from. Whether it is a built-in panty made from soft Italian lace or a sheer-to-the-waist design, it is such a relief to know that we have all of these terrific options.

You only have two legs and they are, after all, what carry you through your day. Treat your legs to luxury tights, holdups and stockings. You won't regret spending the money, especially when your legs get that second and third look!

Source: Chris Robertson

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Evening Dresses: Hollywood Style

designer toejThe rise of the Hollywood fashion icons have seen an onslaught of gorgeous, must-have evening dresses like no other. Evening dresses of various designs, styles, shades could drive evening dress aficionados crazy.

A lot of the most gorgeous evening dresses actually have one or more of the following: frills, laces, feathers, sequins, crystals, diamonds, trains, corsets and double sided tapes. These are indeed lovely addition to their evening dresses. However, it does not necessarily mean it could work well for a mere mortal such as you. Have the dress made in a way that does not alter its elegance, yet takes away the frills, laces, feathers, sequins, crystals, diamonds, trains or the corsets – as well as the need for double sided tapes. Note: trains and frills are for wedding dresses. Laces and corsets are more fitting for a bridesmaid dress.

The color may look perfect for the Hollywood star that you copied the evening dress design from, but that does not necessarily mean it will look great on your skin tone. The cut may suit her to a tee, but that does not mean it will have the same effect on you. Get inspiration from that Hollywood evening dress, but alter it to make it truly yours. Choose the right shade for your skin tone and choose the right cut for your body type.

Source: Sarrah Beaumont

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Swimwear Tankinis For The Summer

designer toejTankinis are a firm fave with girls for swimwear as they are so extraordinarily stylish and also provide a nice quantity of coverage.

Tired of wearing the regular looking 2 piece or one piece swimsuits out there? Well now their is some that are called tankini swimwear. They are kind of like bikinis except without the "bi" and adding in a "Tank" this is where the name Tankini's came from. This swimwear is just about like a tank top styled as a swimsuit top and a regular pair of bottoms. This may be a superb new look for swimming suits that was made. The tankini swimwear shows less of your skin as it just about covers up the belly area, but it is not like a regular one piece.

Women everywhere have always been faced by the existential sunbathing quandary : to cover or not to hide? How much is too showing and how unhappy isn't showing enough? But thanks to the latest revolutionary efforts of swim wear designers from all across the fashion world, there's certain to be one just excellent for you. You do not have to turn to extraordinary flaunting nor do you have to cover up like an unpleasantly wrapped burrito either.

This hybrid of the tank top, the one-piece suit and the bikini has proved to be one of a girl's best chums. If you are not a gigantic fan of showing off too much skin or remain a small nervous about flaunting your God-given assets, then it'd be a sensible idea to take this direction. Next to the skin-baring eye-catching string bikini comes the comfort and charm of the tankini.

Source: Ste Wishaw

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Two-Piece Dresses: The Rage

designer toejTwo-piece dresses have become the hot of the season, as nowadays shops are filled with people looking for them largely. There is a great demand for plus size two-piece dresses as well. Feminine two-piece dresses are ideal for special occasions as they are graceful and simply elegant. These dresses are masterpieces of designers. Their formal as well as informal attires will give you an outstanding feel of opulence.

Avant-garde two-piece outfits with myriad trends and patterns give style edge over others. Main vantage of two-piece dresses is that they compeer any occasion and any budget and simultaneously look smart, well groomed and fashionable. Fit and flair of them holds spellbound everyone.

Versatility of two-piece dresses has opened numerous options ahead. There are many popular A-line two-piece dresses like short sleeved or sleeveless dress with a jacket, strapless dress with matching bolero, sometimes they also come with shawl, beaded corset bodice dress, one shoulder, ruffled two-piece dress, halter two-piece and so forth. Those comes with jacket can also be worn without them also. Apart from A-line dresses, swing hemline or a trumpet skirt hem give gestures to your body. These dresses come in various lengths like knee, mid calf or full length.

source: fashionarticleworld.com

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Flounce You Wardrobe With Ruffled Dresses

Ripples formed in water by stirring it up, looks pleasurable to eyes. It takes a pleated form shape but for a short period of time. Just imagine if on water it looks so good, then how nice it is to have the same ruffle shape design on the dress, for instance, ruffled dresses. They make a gathered effect with frills to enhance the beauty of the dress.

Ruffled dresses have a unique flair of elegance though having the qualities of being fun, flirty and romantic at the same time. They also render a slight younger look than the actual eld and thus famous for the appearance of baby doll dresses. The exclusive distinctive style of these dresses makes them the most fashionable dress, hence perfect for your closet in a role of home for them. Get a luxurious feel in them due to their comfortable nature and beautiful ruffles either along the neckline, skirt, at the hem portion or on sleeves that adds a right amount of feminine panache to it. This posh high hemline dress is sure to be a favorite henceforth the season’s greatest hit.

All dashes of splendid ruffled dresses are perfect for any formal event such as wedding, bridesmaid, prom, homecoming, winter formal, cocktail party, military ball, evening party, etc. Be the belle of any event or day with these stunning go-to party dresses and add a flounce to your wardrobe. Be beautiful to look at in this structured silhouette by complementing your all veers with these flowy attires with cascading details of ruffles. A ruffled front imparts pretty, romantic quality to a classic tog and has an easy and urbane fit. Ruffled dresses are not only limited to formal parties but can be worn in weddings too. They provide rather a vintage feel. For weddings white or ivory color ruffled dresses are best. Your all occasions are going to be an exuberating experience.

source: fashionarticleworld.com

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Lingerie for Teenagers

designer toejTeens today are obsessed with fashion and lingerie is no exception. With so many music videos and celebrities showing off their style, it is no wonder that our teenagers want to jump onto that “fashion wagon". Lingerie shopping for teenagers can easily be done with tact and class by realizing what is appropriate and what is not.

Finding the right look depends entirely on the personality of the teenager. Is she the sporty type, quiet type or the outgoing cheerleader type? There is always a perfect look for every style. They are still teenagers, so something overly sexy may not be a suitable look. Think pretty and attractive when buying lingerie for a teenager. A teenagers body has not finished developing well into their 20’s, so getting accurate measurements before heading to the stores will help in finding the right fit.

Lingerie for teenagers should be beautiful but tasteful. Surprisingly, lingerie for teenagers and more are very similar to lingerie for the adult woman. Knowing what works for your teenager or yourself is the key to looking fabulous. Lingerie for teenagers generally is a bit more supportive than a sheer garment for an adult woman, as she may need more “encouragement” of her self image than an adult woman does. Many people think of sexy, sheer and lacy when it comes to lingerie for teenagers and more, but the truth is, supportive bras, panties, lacy tank tops and slips are all part of the lingerie family.

Lingerie for teenagers can be an exciting new world for the soon-to-be woman. Lingerie makes a woman feel beautiful and attractive. Being a teenager can be an awkward time for any young woman, and having a positive self image will help during this awkward time.

source: fashionarticleworld.com

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Designer Clothes can Make or Break a Woman

designer toejThe majority of women realize designer clothes are key to making a fashion statement that is both serious and bold. In order to look fabulous, they are prepared to pay a high price. Regardless of if it is a dress, shirt, or denim jeans, no expense is spared. Designer clothes come in so many different designs and styles that you can choose almost anything you imagine. Women certainly stand out when they use a professional clothing designer to make them a masterpiece. Clothing is made by designers to be both different and unique in style.

The reason that the clothes look great on women is that the fabrics are cut in such a way that the correct fit is achieved. Clothing that uses such high quality material is difficult to come across. Women can be certain that their designer clothes will be durable because of the high quality material used. The most expensive designer gear can be bought in New York City or Paris and a lot of women fly there for that reason. Many women prefer using the internet to purchase their clothing. This way, not only do women not have to leave their houses, but they also will get clothes of the highest quality for the value.

Women use designer clothes to express their feelings. Many enjoy being at the center of attention. Women like feeling good and want the same for those around them. It is very satisfying as a woman to exude such confidence.

Others are sure to notice you when you do that. As designer clothes are regarded by women as a status symbol, much embarrassment would be felt if a woman was forced to buy designer apparel that was fake. It is likely she would feel as if people both looked down on her and turned their noses up at her. Through wearing designer clothing, women understand that images must be upheld.

source: fashionarticleworld.com

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Designer Clothing - Change Your Look

designer toejWhen talking about designer clothing, the highly imaginative and elite commencements of top fashion designers are hardly ever what are intended. Designer clothing is known the representation of fashion. They are attractive for so many people. Designer clothes have elite styles and patterns and are made with high quality materials and master craftsmanship which gives them a greater than before prolonged existence and makes they batter value for money. Everyone wants to be liked and admired within their group of friends as well as contemporaries. Designer clothing is made to a very high standard using the best quality materials. Time and concerned is taken in cutting each garment carefully and edging them jointly with quality outfits to create the item of clothing.

Designer clothing is yet to be had in maternity sizes. They are also the right option for ladies who want to look gorgeous through pregnancy. Finding the designer clothing is very easy. There are many designers who have created their own websites and the internet is also a big platform to get more and more knowledge and detailed information about designer clothing. You are to only type “Designer Clothing” in the address bar of any search engine over the internet. All the information can be gathered easily. You can also apply for clothing online as many websites provide this facility. Buying online clothing may be the right option for you because online sellers provide clothing at affordable prices with detailed information.

source: fashionarticleworld.com

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Self Confidence in Womens Fashion

The fashion changes from time to time and due to this reason, women find it hard to afford the latest fashion items adding to their wardrobe to keep up with the current trends. What's the worst is most of these items goes over only for one season and after that they will just be outcasted.

Women live in a fashion orientated world. Being a woman constantly feel the pressure to look good and fashionable and this means spending a pocket-full of money on clothing, jewelery and accessories. Unfortunately you only tend to use these items for a very limited period of time and after that you can’t really wear them as you don’t want to feel not fashionable. Instead of spending enormous amounts of cash on the latest trends, women should focus on finding those few key pieces that really work for their figure. They will then find it much easier to combine these with some of the latest fashion items. This will save your lots of money quickly as you won’t have to buy as many seasonal clothes. Another way to save money without compromising the quality is choosing fabrics such as satin and chiffon.

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Danish Fashion

desiner toej

Danish men and women are doing fashion in a particular way. It is all over the country - in some parts more really casual than in others. But still - there is a common, certain aura about Danish fashion. The way they combine confidence and humility. Its like: We know, that we are in the hands of nature, so why pretend the opposite, but on the other hand why not celebrate life in harmony with the light, the elegant lines in nature and nordic colours occasionally combined with southern fireworks.

Confidence and modesty hand in hand.

You will see it and you will feel it, when you go there. They try to celebrate life without loosing it. Maybe thats why Copenhagen Fashion Weeks are worth travelling for.

Source: Inger

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How To Be Sexy, Unique and Stylish

designer toejThe women fashion industry will always be in business. The multi-billion dollar industry is signified by evolving trends, fashion centered events like the Melbourne Cup Spring Racing Carnival and celebrities like Paris Hilton and Victoria Beckham coming out with their own fashion labels. For a woman fighting to make her own signature mark in society, being sexy, unique and stylish can be a challenge. But it all basically boils down to three main points:

1. Be confident in yourself.

Let’s face it. Even A-list celebrities get criticised in the media every single day. Lindsay Lohan’s dress might be the talk of the town tonight, but tomorrow, if she puts on a daggy pair of jeans, she will still be slammed by the Hollywood fashion police.

Being confident can make up to 50% of the attractiveness of a person. How you carry yourself is almost equivalent to what you are wearing, if you pull it off with grace, posture and cool self-assuredness.

2. Check out trends and tailor them to your own style

Keeping an eye on trends in the fashion world does not necessarily mean having to buy every piece of designer wear that comes out in the market. If you find a design or style that you like, tailor it!

Dressmaking is not a very expensive or time-consuming thing to do. Tailored clothing ensures your uniqueness and gives you the opportunity to wear a piece of clothing that best fits your body, style and comfort.

3. Wear quality fabric

The quality of the clothing you wear plays a vital role in comfort, look and movability. Wearing all-natural types of fabric can assist in warming up winter nights, cooling down summer afternoons, and give you the freedom to move freely.

source: fashionarticleworld.com

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Dresses for Parties and Glamorous Fun

designer toej

The good news about dresses is that women of all sizes can wear them and look a million dollars for parties and gatherings all year round. Indeed, a classic party dress will stand you in good stead and of course you can opt for on-trend styles if being fashion forward is more your thing.

The key to finding a party dress to wow and dazzle is understanding what cuts best suit your body shape as well as choosing accessories to compliment your glitzy garments.

If you have an hourglass figure, a V-line dress will flatter your chest and make the most of some of your best assets. Opt for fabrics that mould to your chest as opposed to swamping it, and balance your upper and lower half by adding texture below the waist. Halter neck dresses are another great buy for curvy figures as they balance out proportions and boost all the best bits.

If curves are what you’re lacking, cut-out fabrics work better. Angular body shapes can be softened with necklines that add interest to your chest area. Add a little oomph to curves on your lower half by picking an ensemble that’s flared at the bottom.

Bold prints also work wonders on svelte-hipped girls who want to create curves, and tulip-shaped skirts on party dresses will cinch in your waist and add volume to hips which is precisely what you want to do. And if you want to add volume up top then use ruffles to create the illusion of cleavage. Smock topped dresses can achieve this too.

Everyone has body parts they want to flaunt and those they want to draw attention away from. If your upper arms are one of the areas you want to keep under cover then choose a V neckline with a cap sleeve for the perfect fashion fix.

Pear-shaped girls should choose fabrics that skim the hips. A classic strapless dress can be worn to parties all year round and if they are fitted down to your waist and then flared out in an A-line, this creates the perfect shape for your body.

Furthermore, if a stripy dress is what you’re after then vertical stripes are slimming on everyone but especially good for petite women who want to appear taller. As it goes, if you are a tall woman and you want to draw attention across the body rather than up then horizontal dresses are best suited.

The accessories worn with party dresses finish the outfit so think carefully about these too. Wearing heels adds instant glam to party outfits, therefore select a style with pointed toes if you want to elongate your legs.

Belts can be used to dress your outfit up or down and create a different look if you have more than one party to attend. In addition, belts worn high on the waist accentuate an hourglass figure and vintage buckles and clasps add a touch of chic detailing. So, what are you waiting for; it’s time to go shopping!

Source: fashionarticleworld.com

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Kopenhagen Fur sponsors Copenhagen Fashion Week

designer toej

Kopenhagen Fur has joined forces with Copenhagen Fashion Week sponsoring the event that takes place 4 to 8 February in Copenhagen.

- Fur is an integral part of Nordic culture and history and at the same time fur is both extremely modern and exclusive opening for an excessive number of ways to work with it creatively within fashion. The sponsor agreement between Kopenhagen fur and Copenhagen Fashion Week is therefore a natural step in the on-going effort to position Copenhagen Fashion Week as an event in line with fashion weeks in Paris, London, Milan and New York, says Ms. Eva Kruse, Director of Danish Fashion Institute, the organizer of Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Kopenhagen Fur looks forward to the possibility of further promoting Danish fashion:

- Kopenhagen Fur has been a part of the Danish fashion industry for years. As a major player, it is a natural step to support initiatives like Copenhagen Fashion Week that really has understood to landmark Danish fashion and design internationally, says Marketing Director Patrizia Ventuerelli Christensen, Kopenhagen Fur.

Copenhagen Fashion Week has grown to be the greatest fashion event in Northern Europe with 57,000 fashion professionals attending the event. Almost half of them are from abroad. It is the ambition to create a platform making Copenhagen Fashion Week the world's 5th most important fashion event.

- Kopenhagen Fur is without comparison the most international corporation in Danish fashion making it the perfect match for Copenhagen Fashion Week's international ambitions, states Ms. Eva Kruse.

Several shows and exhibitions during Copenhagen Fashion Week will include fur. Designers working with fur and showcasing their creations during Copenhagen Fashion Week are Louise Amstrup, Christian Westphal, Elise Gug and Cecilie Toklum - all in co-operation with Kopenhagen Fur.

Kopenhagen Fur is the world's largest fur auction house. The creative part of the company, Kopenhagen Studio, works with Danish and international designers developing innovative ways of using fur in fashion.

Source: kopenhagenfur.com

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Copenhagen hosts Morthern Europes's Largest Fashion Event

Copenhagen is to host Northern Europe's largest fashion event, Copenhagen Fashion Week. On the catwalks are a growing number of new and known Danish talent with a preview of their upcoming collections.

Danish fashion is known for its unique angle on design, innovation and aesthetics. With a more modern approach to femininity and functionality, expressed in fresh silhouettes, a focus on details and incomparable quality. These are only some of the reasons why more than 50,000 buyers, designers and global press attend Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Parallel with Copenhagen Fashion Week, Danish Fashion Institute presents Copenhagen Fashion Weekend in cooperation with Wonderful Copenhagen and Copenhagen City Centre. Here, the weekend begins on Wednesday and you can join the activities from Wednesday, February 4th - Saturday, February 7th. 2009.

source: ambottawa.um.dk

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Sexy Bridal Lingerie

The bridal lingerie is real important to every girl on her big day and it’s her once in a lifetime day so she will want it to be special in every way. From the minute she wakes in the morning and slips into your silky bridal stockings right through to her wedding night when she slips into a sexy silky nightdress and robe set.

Every girl wishes for all the best for the big day and finding that something sexy and romantic can help to make it an extra special night too with some beautiful bridal lingerie. Your big day is important but so is your special wedding night. A night to remember. So dress to please or tease. To be romantic or demure the choice is yours when you shop for your bridal lingerie.

Sexy bridal lingerie or a sumptuous nightdress will also makes the ideal romantic gift for that special anniversary or birthday. But then why wait when you can make that romantic gesture anytime. Think how alluring and sexy your lover will look in such a sexy piece of figure hugging silky satin as bridal lingerie. You don’t need to be a blushing bride to enjoy wearing something soft and silky you can treat yourself to something special anytime you like. Why not slip something feminine and lacy on under your favorite dress then take your partner out for a romantic dinner. Better still stay home for an intimate candle light supper and let them know what you are wearing under your clothes but don’t blame me if the dinner goes to waste.

With the huge growth in online shopping buying your bridal lingerie online is easy and secure. It’s always a good idea to order your choice well in advance then you will have ample time to exchange it if you decide on something different. Most of the online lingerie stores offer excellent returns facilities so you should have no problems exchanging your goods with them. Size is also no longer an issue with lots of pretty and feminine lingerie available for the curvy lady too. Enjoy your day and be happy.

Source: Kevinor

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Danish Fashion Brand b.young To Return To Pure London Show

Danish fashion brand b.young will be returning to Pure London after a three season break.

The brand is set to hit Pure London by storm with a collection of delicate French decadence and Persian inspired bohemian styles.

Karin Viballe Larsen, Marketing Coordinator at b.young commented "With London being one of the most important cities when it comes to fashion, we have decided to return to Pure London again."

"As the largest and most exciting fashion trade event the show has grown and attracts some of the top end buyers from across the world that we know are important for b.young."

The collection has drawn inspiration from the luxurious sharp tailoring and cautious feminine prints of the 1930s and 40s.

Beautiful lace, satin, silks and gorgeous wools the French fashion of the 1970s is present with an elegant vintage tone in terms of materials and style.

Dark denim and soft velvet pays homage to an ethnically inspired rock style. Fine knit detail, full-length skirts and colourful prints portrays a casual energetic look.

The b.young fashion house will also be bringing back young cutting edge fashion brand ICHI.

b.young will be located at the front of the hall in Elan Directional whilst ICHI will be located in the Spirit section, at London Olympia.

Source: designtaxi.com

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Men's Wardobe Sneak Peek

Fashion is generally a woman's passion until recently that why there are numerous designer outfits for women. Men, usually do not have interest in fashion, but as time pass by men are starting to take an active interest in grooming their personality. Nowadays men are starting to become conscious on their fashion style. This is due to the fact that men are starting to realize that style is an expression of individualism mixed with charisma and fashion is something that comes after style.

designer toej
Popular men's trend nowadays are deep v-necks which have been a classic neckline for men. “V” in the neck is going to be big, with a deep cut. This style will be more popular among youngsters who do weight-training. Another one is micro patterns, an attractive combination of micro patterns will be seen in formal dresses, especially in men's coats. Trousers will be tailored with micro pattern will be in vogue. Pin-stripes is also very trendy. A pair of pinstriped pants with a matching pinstriped shirt will create a taller image. Along with this, they will also come across a storm of wide striped outfits. Stripes will be available in both horizontal and vertical patterns to suit the short, medium and tall guys.

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Fashion Designing - Then and Now

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Fashion designing can be loosely defined as 'the art of creating fashionable apparel'. With the passage of time, however, the concept of 'fashion designing' has extended to other things such as fashion accessories such as jewellery, bags, footwear, etc. Keeping in mind the evolution of fashion designing, it would not be wrong to define it as 'the creation of fashion'.

Fashion designing has indeed come a long way from the mere designing of clothing. Fashion designing has evolved into a full-fledged industry today. It is well accepted as a career option all over the world. Apart from designing, there are a number of other career alternatives that have emerged in this industry with the passage of time.

Specializations in fashion designing have come into being. There is a wide range of options for a designer to choose from, such as lingerie, swimwear, women's wear, bridal wear, children's wear, men's wear, footwear, handbags, etc. Fashion designers used to be self-employed earlier now find a number of career opportunities open for them. They can work with garment firms and export houses. They may also be engaged in the job of remodeling haute couture and adapting them to the tastes of the mass market. They might also hold jobs in departmental stores or specialty stores.

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Bandage Dress Trendy Wardrobe

designer toejIf there is one show-stopping dress which should be hanging in your wardrobe this season, it's the bandage dress. This dress is made up of layers of elastic fabric. woven around like a bandage, has miracle properties when it comes to figure shaping. The dress itself acts like a pair of magic pants, holding in unsightly bulges, clamping thighs together, lifting up the bust and straightening the back. Squeezing yourself into one

Hervé Léger is known in fashion circles as “the king of cling.” because of his passion for tight-fitting dresses. In 2008 the label was relaunched under new designer Max Azria, responsible for the sexy styles seen on the spring 2009 runways.

Other designers who favor the bandage dress include Christopher Kane, Proenza Schouler, Preen and two of Michelle Obama’s favorite designers Thakoon and Narsico Rodriquez. Find examples of bandage dresses at online designer shopping site, Net-a-Porter, such as Thakoon’s figure-hugging black and white party dress and Hervé Léger's off-the-shoulder bandage dress, in a similar style to Kate Winslet’s.

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Fashion Trends for Teens

designer toejTeenagers are fighting against society; they put a lot of effort to be different, but they also invent new trends and fashion styles.

EMO style is definitely for those who adore bright colors. Green, pink, red, yellow matched with black will undoubtedly make you noticeable. If you are into this style, you must have an appropriate hairdo: Zelda hairdo for girls and jet black mop top for boys. Pencil or at least cigarette-shaped jeans with studded belt is also a must-have.

Hip hop never goes out of fashion. Music that speaks street language is definitely for young rebellious souls. Hip-hop style for teen boys and girls is rather different. When it comes to colors choose anything you want.

Bohemian style is also fashionable among teenagers. Loose light colored clothes, wraps and wooden, stone or amber accessories will make you look like a real bohemian girl or boy. What fashion designers have come up to this season is gothic youth. Although this fashion has existed for a number of years and has been discussed in various ways, it is the first time it is fashionable.

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Fashionable Summer Hats

designer toejSummer is the season where every woman wants to show how fashionable they are. In this season not only designer clothes are taking part in making the style. Accessories are also very important; no style can be complete without an accessory. In summer season the most accessory that takes part are the hats.

The latest trends of hats can be made of straw, also another fashionable way of covering your head is a cap or bonnet. You must be very careful when choosing these accessories. However, this summer is a great chance to start wearing it, because no matter what you choose - you look trendy. You're already fashionable if you wear one! And you may feel free to experiment with various materials and forms. Being original this season means being fashionable.

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Bikini Jeans Trend

Brazilian designer Sandra Tanimura, of the Japanese clothing company Sanna, has blurred the line between a G-String bikini and a pair of denim jeans. She has provided her customers with the solution to their request for ultra-low-rise jeans, a hybrid of denim and thong bikini bottoms. In order that you may avoid showing your knickers in public, enter the bikini-jean, one of this year's more brazen fashion trends.

These hip-hugging jeans are held up by a ribbon tied at the side or elasticated G-String and allow women to bearing more of their behinds in public, reminiscent of the fashion faux pas of flashing your G-string above the top of your waistband.

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The Art of Wearing a Dress

Wearing a dress is an art especially it is a designer(designer toej) label and maybe because of that, many woman often prefer wrapping themselves in shapeless jeans and blouses.
Designer ToejChoosing a dress also means choosing your image. Each dress creates a different impression, carries different feelings, and shapes different images. That is why, before choosing a dress, decide what impression it should create.

The most important thing is whatever image is chosen, make sure the choice is sincere. Wearing something that does not correspond to or does not reflect the personality will not make the needed impression.

Designer Clothing Influence on Individuals

In the 21st Century clothing has become rather a large influence over how individuals perceive other individuals. It’s a massive announcement that the majority of individuals in the world pay interest to more and more as the years pass by, whether you buy from high quality, reputable merchants such as Versace or look at the inexpensive clothing lines perhaps from a local shop or even a market stall.

What is behind this craze of looking good in designer brands though? The one major issue is basically that celebrities dress in high fashion clothing and accessories so many individuals want to go down that line of being like one. Some merely do it for the brand name behind it, a self-belief improvement to show other individuals that they can afford designer clothing and to show-off how good they look in it, then ultimately others just like the quality of material.

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Wrap Top Essentials

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Wrap tops and dresses have been a wardrobe staple of fashion conscious women for decades. A wonder top indeed, since the 70’s this essential item has been classically stylish, helping to create stunning silhouettes and providing a flattering fit for every lady, whatever their figure type.

According to fashionistas, the main benefit of wrap tops are their ability to broaden shoulders, pull forward and separate the bust, whilst still highlighting the waist.

So, for curvy figures it is an essential item, creating a more hour-glass figure. For bigger busted ladies is also a lifesaver, as a fuller top and skirt balances out a bigger body frame.

For the soon to be mummies amongst us, wrap tops are the must haves of maternity wear. Comfortable yet stylish, the wrap tops ruches and hides all imperfections!

There are a number of ways you can tie wrap tops, which can add to your look and flatter your figure. For instance: The classic front tie, which accentuates the waistline, or belt up to get the layered look.

Experiment with high bows, tying the ties in a big loose bow under the bust, or try the ballet look, crossing the wrap at the front and tying at the back. Alternatively dress up your wrap tops with accessories such as broaches for a extra bit of elegance and a great evening look.

So whether at work or play, wrap tops adds shape and sophistication to any woman’s look.

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Cufflinks for Elegance

designer toejNo matter how pricey or classy your outfit might be and even if you clothes are designer(designer toej) label, it is easy to wear out the look really fast. Fortunately, an accessory here and there can add a breath of fresh air to even the most well worn of two-piece suits. Cufflinks are a particularly interesting way for you to give your suits a stylish update and a touch of personality all at a price you can afford again and again.

Cufflink is a must for those of you who like to keep the pace with fashion, being important accessories that should always exist among your fashion accessories. Elegant cufflinks represent the perfect addition to a formal outfit, being suitable in wedding parties and church events, but also in corporate events or other formal occasions. Cufflink is available in a simple design of subtle elegance, being tasteful and elegant. Furthermore, these items are top quality fashion accessories that won’t fade away in the near future.

Cufflinks with colored stones set into them can also be a good option for your wardrobe. Just like with pants and coats, black and blue are the classic and safe colors to get because they are colors that also appear frequently on shirts and ties. You should take care to match the color of the stone to any color that appears at least once on your shirt or tie a pattern, a stripe, even a logo. This keeps the cufflinks from clashing with any colors.

Silver Cufflink offers versatility both for men and women, being a gift that can never go wrong. These items are the most popular maybe because they are just as elegant as those made of gold and platinum but a little more affordable. Silver Cufflink is of the best quality and nowadays both men and women are purchasing unique cufflinks to fit their fashionable outfit. Barcode cufflinks are also frequently required by customers and each cufflink displays a barcode pattern along with some readable numbers. Other items that present an acute attention to detail, offering flawless accessories are bullet cufflinks.

Daring Designer Prom Dress

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Prom dresses say a lot about their wearers. Numerous girls every year buy prom dresses, and many of them choose safe options that are very similar to the style of everyone else. Dare to be different and step away from the traditional prom dresses and opt for bolder, more unique designs.

Before you start browsing through collections of designer(designer toej) prom dresses that can cost a lot price, ask yourself if you really want to spend such large amounts of money on the smallest part of the dress. After all, for most designer dresses, it is usually just the label which you are paying for, and not the dress itself. While designer dresses feature fashionable styles and high quality materials, there are many other prom dresses which offer the same standard at a much lower cost.

Taking color for consideration will be a good thing when searching for a prom dress. Why not explore a more unusual color to stand out from the crowd? If you have never tried on prom dresses in unusual colors then you might be surprised at how flattering they can be. Bright, burnt orange colors look particularly great on darker skin tones and will make sure you are the center of attention in a sea of drab pastels and colorless black gowns.

Modern colors such as hot pink and electric blue are also great choices, especially if you have an outgoing, exuberant personality to match these vibrant colors. On the other hand, opting for white prom dresses can also help you to stand out from the rest of the girls on prom night. While many prom dresses are dark and somber colors, crisp, bright white prom dresses dazzle and draw all eyes towards you.

Fragrance is Making a Statement

Ralph LaurenDesigner clothes(designer toej) is not the only one that attracts people to but also fragrance. Just as perfume gives out it's fragrance to whomsoever approaches our uses it, so love from within us radiates towards everybody and manifests as spontaneous service. Therefore it is important that you use a perfume that complements your personality.

Finding a perfume that blends with your natural smell and enhances it is a must. The fragrance should be such that it is subtle, but not overpowering. It should not keep people away from you, but near you. A good fragrance will add an extra dimension to your personality and give you confidence.

It is best to apply a fragrance just after bathing because that is when your skin will be soft and the pores will be open to absorb the smell. Try and use a bland or non-perfumed soap, because soaps and deodorants can affect the smell of the fragrance.

Never stick to only one fragrance the whole year round. Try out different ones in different seasons. Hot weather calls for cooling fragrances while in cold weather you can use stronger fragrances. The intensity of the fragrance also varies with the weather temperature.

Lauren perfumes for women by Ralph Lauren is one of the best fragrance. This designer fragrance is a sharp blend of flowery aromas. Lauren perfumes for women by Ralph Lauren fragrances are recommended for casual wear.

A perfume is like a piece of clothing, a message, a way of presenting oneself ... a costume ... that differs according to the woman who wears it. Long after one has forgotten what a person wore, the memory of it's perfume lingers.

Shoes Dominates Fashion

designer toejFashion is very important. It is life enhancing and, like everything that gives pleasure, it is worth doing well. Elegance is not the prerogative of those who have just escaped from adolescence, but of those who have already taken possession of their future. Fashion is never in crisis because clothes are always necessary.

What can men do to make a women happy? Giving a sexy pair of shoes would easily make them happy. Shoes are universal and women just love them as they love designer clothes(designer toej). Shoes does not only make a women but also sexy. Some women have a large collection of shoes in their wardrobes while some only like a few.

High heel shoes can develop confidence in a woman. These shoes add a little height to women who are short and their stature and confidence grows in general social gatherings. These women with high heels become the center of attraction.

Nowadays, many woman want to buy shoes that look sexy and add value to their look. The vast collection of shoes available in the market has also changed to the thought process of women and they opt for sexy and trendy shoes. Common women are emulating celebrities and models and their wardrobes include shoes ranging from high heels to fetish shoes.

Fashon is the abortive issue of vain ostentation and exclusive egotism: it is haughty, trifling, affected, servile, despotic, mean and ambitious, precise and fantastical, all in a breath tied to no rule, and bound to conform to every whim of the minute.

Petticoat Storms Back Into Fashion

Designer ToejFashion is like the ashes left behind by the uniquely shaped flames of the fire, the trace alone revealing that a fire actually took place. Petticoats are back into fashion once again. Once the preserve of rock and rollers or square dancing clubs petticoats are now a great accessory for all you fashion victims out there.
Petticoats is best if teamed up with patterned tights old lace up boots and your leather jacket. Others prefer petticoat to evoke a more feminine aspect in which case they will go for a more girlie look. It's also worth trying up adding a white lace that peeks just below the hem of the skirt and gives the odd flash of some sexy smooth silky stocking tops.
Whether you oppt for feminine sophistication and elegance or pure sex appeal you can be sure to achieve the desired effect. Petticoats are evocative of a bygone age when women where perhaps considered a little more gentile and this is reflected in these delicate garments. They don't have to be short either because they can be worn to great effect under a sensuous silky ball gown or prom dress for a full floaty effect that will sway with your every movement. Dressed in that style you will be a real cinderella or the princess of your dreams.

Designer(designer toej) petticoats also cause cause a stir and turn a few heads into the bargain girls. These petticoats will really come into their own when the dancing starts and you let those petticoats twirl up around the waist.
Remember that whatever you decide to do with your petticoats, fashion is all about having fun and looking good. Fashion is a tool to compete in life outside the home. People like you better, without knowing why, because people always react well to a person they like the looks of.

Sexy Cocktail Dress

Ralph LaurenFashion is a potency in art, making it hard to judge between the temporary and the lasting. Fashion offers no greater challenge than finding what works for night without looking like you are wearing a costume.
Cocktail dress is an essential for womens wardrobe. These dresses are flirty, sexy, practical, and fun to wear. Back then women were not allowed to wear sexy clothes and the cocktail dresses were usually short, waistless dresses made of silk or chiffon. But these cocktail dresses have evolved over time and today they are considered as sexy attire.
Sexy designer(designer toej) cocktail dresses are commonly worn in clubs, parties, weddings, and especially on your date. As long as it's not a black tie affair, these hot dresses are perfect for your evening out.
The best way look gorgeous and adorable in a sexy cocktail dress is to play up your assets be it through great legs or cleavage. However, you should be careful in flaunting your best assets while not overdoing it. A hot dress that is too short, tight, sleeveless and plunging will look sexy no doubt, but if your body is not fit for that, wearing that will give the appearance of trying too hard.
Always remember to go for a cocktail dress that is fitted through the bust and the waist. Hot dresses made of fabrics such as satin and silk helps you move freely. If you’re plus-size, opt for dark colors as that will always make you look slimmer. For those who have full hips and thighs, choose a long cocktail halter dress to completely cover legs and thighs. If you are blessed with a large bust, you can flaunt your asset by wearing a low cut cocktail dress or divert attention to the legs by wearing a two-toned hot dress with a dark top and a flashy skirt. Empire waists and full skirts designed cocktail dress can also help conceal any imperfections.
Ralph Lauren cocktail dresses demands sexiness, not 'skankiness'. Ralph Lauren's strapless or spaghetti-strapped one-piece little number that rests just above the knee is more than appropriate.
Fashion is the science of appearances, and it inspires one with the desire to seem rather than to be.

Swimwear for a Cause

The way swim suits looked like in the beginning of the 18th century and the way they do now is solid proof of how much society has changed. In those days women used to wear bathing gowns when they wanted to enjoy a little swimming. Nowadays women can literally enjoy swimming for their swim suits are comfortable and sometimes even uncalled for.

ralph laurenSwimwear designers (designer toej) are true artists when it comes to understanding the many shapes the female body represents. Working with values such as the lines, angles, weights, and proportions, these designers can create three-dimensional bikinis, tankinis, and swimsuits to flatter any figure. Choosing the right fabrics and colors are a small part of the perfectly designed swimsuit. Knowing how to incorporate clever detailing to draw the eye to the assets of a women's figure or to camouflage problem areas is paramount to great swimwear design.

Ralph Lauren swimwear makes you look gorgeous and elegant poolside or in the sand. Its fabric is soft and precisely made for your delicate skin. Swimwear is the science of appearances, and it inspires one with the desire to seem rather than to be. Swimwear is about suspense and surprise and fantasy. It’s not about rules.

White Tuxedo – The Flavor of You

ralph laurenA white tuxedo is the best choice for wedding and other black tie events. White tuxedos are appropriate for weddings, proms and other semi formal occasions. There are many options, styles and designs available in white tuxedos.

White tuxedo is most popular choice for wedding in any season. The groom may wear white or the entire wedding party. For outdoor weddings in the daytime, white is a great choice. A lightweight white tuxedo may be more comfortable, particularly in the summer months.
There are numerous designs available when selecting a white tuxedo. Jackets are available with or without tails in single breasted and double breasted styles. Fashion tuxedos have features such as long coats and mandarin collars. A band shirt is a great choice with a mandarin collar, since a tie isn’t required. In this case, a colored shirt is a great choice in either pale or bolder colors.

Designer(designer toej) tuxedo such as Ralph Lauren tuxedo is outstanding especially that it is made of 100% premium wool, a gorgeous fabric personally selected by Ralph Lauren. This fabric is durable with a luxurious drape and bounce back from wrinkles and natural stretch for comfort. This the best quality tuxedo from the prestigious Lauren by Ralph Lauren line.

Attire And Work Suits

ralph lauren

Evening attire suits are required in many occasions. These occasions are generally for more formal events, either personal or business. There are many options in semi formal attire and you may not be sure how to select the right attire for your event, particularly if it is a business function.

An important factor in choosing suits is your own sense of style. Designer(designer toej) suits are made around the world by a large magnitude of suit designers. These suits change from year to year and can be tricky to buy. To make things more complicated, these suits can be found in many different: styles, materials and colors.

Ralph Lauren Black Label, Polo, and Chaps models are a great place to start your suit collection. These models show this companies willingness to please its customers. Look for two and three buttons with both traditional and not so traditional cuts.
Throughout the years this company has moved from wool to polyester to cotton and to every other material you might think about. However, if your looking for a great quality virgin material you will easily find one.

Fashion is a potency in art, making it hard to judge between the temporary and the lasting. Style is just the outside of content, and content the inside of style, like the outside and the inside of the human body. Both go together, they can’t be separated.

Ruffle Bikinis Trend

designer toejA new style of bikini suddenly came out from nowhere to cause an all out fashion craze. No matter who you credit with this new trend the ruffle bikini, sometimes referred to in the past tense, or ruffled bikini, has created quite the stir on this season's designer(designer toej) swimwear and swimsuits from Brazil are no exception.

This particular bikini has a laser finish and most small companies overseas cannot produce this new style. As with anything there is supply and demand, so those who can produce a ruffle bikini often have to outsource this technology.

Dsquared2 Fall 2009 RTW Collection

As the double-the-pleasure, double-the-fun poster boys of Milanese fashion, Designers(Designer Toej) Dan and Dean Caten conceived their fall collection as a kiss-off to the recession. This collection was all about the high-low mix: T-shirts, preppy pastel button-downs, and boyfriend jeans topped off with a snug washed leather jacket and a trucker hat; a pair of tank tops tucked into a mini made from a Chanel-ish plaid bouclé; or a faded denim jacket tossed on over a black jersey gown with crystal straps. Nearly every look was accessorized with knit caps, sunglasses, and bling.

Fendi Fall 2009 RTW Collection

Somewhere in designing this collection, Designers(Designer Toej) Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Venturini Fendi arrived at a dynamic balance between confronting the current mood and creating a modern proposition for that problematic word luxury.

Things started out dark and intense with a black series of peak-shouldered outerwear and faux-distressed looks, such as a high-waisted bubble skirt worn with a T-shirt fitted with a yoke of leather that trailed off the back like the military garb of the old ages. That recurring theme played out in molded leather bustiers worn over draped knit dresses, some hooded, as well as in the accessories, namely leather wrist warmers and knee-high boots cut out across the arch of the foot.

Casual Menswear

ralph laurenIt has never been easier for men to choose the most appropriate clothes for their work because nowadays a lot clothing designers(designer toej) and companies produce men's clothing. What men really need to do is be practical and think for the clothes that will be comfortable and appropriate for work. Of course, you'll have to factor in your budget and your lifestyle when shopping for men's work wear.

For affordable and yet high quality menswear, check out Ralph Lauren, Guess, Giorgio Armani, Cavallaro. These designer labels are made perfect outfit for work in affordable prices and guaranteed high quality clothing. There are also designers that include safety features and devices in their men's work-apparel.

Remember that fashion is not something that exist in dress only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, and what is happening.

Trendy Customize Shirts

designer toejAll of us are keen to wear exclusive clothes but often lack the means to afford designer clothing that is sans any replica and is for sure exclusive. In such a scenario customized clothing is the only solution.

Creating t-shirt for your own comfortability really needs effort and creativity, of course you should also be resourceful since your making your own design. One who wants a custom shirt should select the printing process carefully. The experts always recommend using screen printing if he wants to get a good quality custom made shirt. Some people also use heat transferring. One should know that the designs that are made by screen printing have a professional look.

People who want to create customize t-shirt must know that an ordinary t-shirt can become custom made if they add something personal on it. Adding personalized design, logo, and personal tag lines would be perfect for a customized t-shirt. One can purchase a colored or white t shirt and print his slogan on it for making it a custom t-shirt. For unique style, applying patches and iron them would probably do. These patches are available in many fabric and craft stores and so a person can get them easily. One can also print some photographs on the t shirt for customizing it.

Marni Fall 2009 RTW Collection

Designer(designer toej) Consuelo Castiglioni Last season was all about the kooky, kitschy gal with a cartoon-chic closet. This time around, the Marni girl buckled down, got serious and a bit more grown up without losing any of her feisty spunk. For starters, there were mink earmuffs and trapper hats, fur mitts and ski gloves, goggle sunglasses, garlands of antiqued gold flowers, woolly checkered tights, and stacks of bangles. The clothes, too, were a description-defying conglomeration of fabric, fur, and knit: grid-patterned metallic brocade, plain felts, patchworked jacquards, evergreen fox, chintzy roses.