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Toreadors everywhere are rejoicing at the sudden stylishness of cropped jackets. This season’s shorter jacket styles have taken the runway by storm. They are usually not cut higher on the torso than the natural waist. If they are cut higher than this then you can be sure that they are not a great investment - those kinds of extreme styles rarely last more than a fashion season. Your best bet is to buy a cropped jacket that leaves one to four inches between your pelvic bones and the bottom hem of your jacket. If you are not sure about the length, remember that if you find your purchase to be too long, you can always shorten it. However there is not much you can do to lengthen an overly cropped jacket so err on the side of caution. You do not need to look like a Spanish bullfighter. The ideal length is somewhere in between that style and that of the lengthier jackets popular in years past.

The latest fabric for these new cropped jackets is tweed. Tweed has been running rampant both on and off the runway this season and the new cropped jackets have not been immune to the fabric’s influence. Many fashion icons and celebrities have been photographed wearing this style in the past few months. A lot of the more fashion savvy wearers choose to accessorize their cropped, tweed jackets with a girlish ribbon tied around the waist or with a floral adornment on the lapel of the jacket. These ribbons accentuate the waist and exhibit the new girlish styles of this season. You can take a tweed coat in a darker blend of fibers and clinch it with a wide pink ribbon. It looks great and showcases classic, feminine, and modern elements all at once.

Not all your jackets need to adhere to the new cropped guidelines. Most overcoats and trenches are still fashionable when they are lengthy. However, if you are going to wear a jacket that is not necessarily outerwear then go with a cropped jacket. For instance if you already have a stylish and warm winter coat that protects your bum from the snow and chilly wind, then do not throw it out. Simply supplement your wardrobe with a jacket that can be worn inside as well as outside, to parties and on the autumn sidewalks. The point is not to sacrifice practicality and utility; the point is to have many options for looking great. And especially in the between seasons like fall and spring, cropped jackets can replace pullovers and jumpers as a trendy cover-up. They can also be worn as an extra layer over a sweater, or even a sweater set. You can dress them up with a snazzy skirt or dress them down with rolled up jeans and boots. Tie a scarf around your neck or add a funky hat to freshen an old cropped jacket. These jackets are going places and taking you with them!


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