Fashion Mistakes Most Women Make

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Bellow are the list of tips how to avoid fashion mistakes that are common for women, even for those who are “professional” fashionistas.

Never rely completely on TV shows and fashion magazines. You are risking becoming the fashion victim, fashion shows and reviews should help to generate ideas and inspire you, but let’s face it – you are not a model and buying the super expensive dress that looked gorgeous on Kate Moss won’t make you look the same.

Do not buy clothes that don’t fit. Never buy something that is too small for you thinking that you will definitely lose weight by the time you’ll be wearing it. The same thing is about the length of your jacket sleeves.

Do not mish-mash your wardrobe. Many people think that buying odds and ends on sale is very wise – it really helps you save money, but it may as well kill your wardrobe. Having a lot of different cheap unmatchable stuff in your closet won’t make you a fashionista.

Many women are devoted to classical style but it is necessary sometimes to give up your favorite pair of jeans and change it for the stylish silky skirt, for example. Do not get too comfortable with definite clothes, and try to take it not that seriously – it’s not the family member or your favorite pet, it’s just a piece of fabric!

Choose the right underwear. Celebrities are stuck into push-up bras, body trimmers and tops to fit into the designer outfit because the right lingerie can actually do miracles for your figure.


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