Sophisticated tube tops

The classic tube top is versatile enough to wear with a variety of bottoms and is always sexy! Show off your shoulders and defined waistline in our sexy tube tops that feature some ruching for a contoured silhouette. Many tube tops feature removable accessories like belts and accents. Most women prefer romantic tube tops that feature breezy handkerchief hems. Tube tops are not just for the warm weather seasons, try layering a tight tube top with a deep-V wrap or pair this style with a fitted jacket. The possibilities are endless with a simple, sexy tube top!

tube toptube toptube toptube topTube tops can also be called strapless tops. However not all strapless tops are tube tops. A true tube top is a simple band of stretchy material with little or no structure, which fits tight around the torso. In contrast, a different kind of strapless top might be made out material that does not stretch, have buttons, ties, or other fasteners, or perhaps be structured to support the breasts.

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