Men's Denim Shorts

A new trend that we have noticed now that the weather is really ramping up for summer. Men’s Denim Shorts. In the past we have never been a fan, because we always thought the designers made them as an after thought to cash in on denim lovers who want to wear a form of jeans all year round. Now however we have seen some brilliant pieces from a variety of designers who finally seem to have got the perfect balance between style and fit.

designer toej
If you cut most of your jeans off at the knee, you would find that they would look ridiculous as shorts - this is because jeans are naturally styled/cut to flatter and follow the leg line and taper in. In the past we think a lot of denim shorts looked too skinny or not long enough. Now the designers are proportioning them much better, with less emphasis on massive pockets that can overpower the shorts and a more relaxed line through the thigh.

designer toejdesigner toej
In the end what we have is one of summer’s most essential pieces of menswear. These can be worn all day and night, especially if you are going away on holiday. These would look as great during the day as in the summer clubs and bars. This is because denim is infinitely more stylish and smarter than loose cotton or cargo shorts. Rock it simply with a nice graphic tee, or layer up with a plain tee and summer lightweight knit/cardigan/shirt. You can’t go wrong!


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