Mens Fashion Essential - The Waistcoat

designer toejThe waistcoat is definitely now a men’s fashion essential. We have noticed over the last couple of years that tailoring and a more formal look is becoming more and more popular amongst males who are out on the town. Not all of them wear it right and some definitely get it wrong, but it seems like we are moving further and further away from just the jeans and t-shirt look on a night out.

Maybe this is to do with people trying to be more creative with their outfits, stand out in comparison to others, more male fashion readily available at a reduced price or just more information available now-a-days for fashion conscious males. We think celebrities has played a big part in the take up of the trend with Justin Timberlake being a massive advocate of formal wear over the last few years.

We think the waistcoat is perfect for drinks out on the town. It screams style, confidence and even wealth/class. It can be dressed up or down, dependant on occasion: roll the sleeves of a long shirt up with a few buttons undone for a casual look or go the whole hog with cravat, blazer, fitted trousers and shoes. Either way you will definitely have people looking at you, because it is different to what everyone else is wearing. My style rule is to always look my best whenever possible - this includes going just that little bit further than the norm.

Night out? Most people will be wearing standard jeans and t-shirt, you wear dark jeans, nice shoes, crisp white shirt and waistcoat.
Formal event? Most wear a suit, you rock a made to measure tailored suit but use accessories to stand out. Try a bow tie instead of tie, or nice wristwatch and pocket scarf.

You see where we are going with the examples above? Obviously don’t go around completely over the top or you will look like a douche! Dress for the occasion, but then add a little flair with nice accessories or just going that little bit smarter. You will instantly project confidence, style and a knowledge of fashion.


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