Psychedelic Summer Ahead

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Sometimes following super hip fashion trends feels like we're watching a really jumbled up episode of Quantum Leap, or better, one of this season's Lost episodes. For awhile, we were stuck in the 80's, then we warp back to the early 90's for a few months, and now rumor has it that we're headed back to the psychedelic 60's. Trippy tees, day-glow colors, and yes -- maybe even bell bottoms -- are in some forecasts for summer '09.

While it's true that the 60s are probably the one decade that never fully goes out of style, the turn-back towards acid-soaked music and fashion of the late 60s and early 70s is showing up in a variety of lineups.

The most noticeable place, of course, is the rehashing of the bell bottom. Then there are designers like Pierre Cardin, who has been showing off some very spaced-out designs for his summer/autumn 2009 collection.

According to Brandish, the trick is pulling off the nuanced hippie look with a few psychedelic accents like day-glow bandannas, beatle boots, or even a freaky tee. Then, play it down with something more grounded so people know you're being ironic.


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