Wrap Top Essentials

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Wrap tops and dresses have been a wardrobe staple of fashion conscious women for decades. A wonder top indeed, since the 70’s this essential item has been classically stylish, helping to create stunning silhouettes and providing a flattering fit for every lady, whatever their figure type.

According to fashionistas, the main benefit of wrap tops are their ability to broaden shoulders, pull forward and separate the bust, whilst still highlighting the waist.

So, for curvy figures it is an essential item, creating a more hour-glass figure. For bigger busted ladies is also a lifesaver, as a fuller top and skirt balances out a bigger body frame.

For the soon to be mummies amongst us, wrap tops are the must haves of maternity wear. Comfortable yet stylish, the wrap tops ruches and hides all imperfections!

There are a number of ways you can tie wrap tops, which can add to your look and flatter your figure. For instance: The classic front tie, which accentuates the waistline, or belt up to get the layered look.

Experiment with high bows, tying the ties in a big loose bow under the bust, or try the ballet look, crossing the wrap at the front and tying at the back. Alternatively dress up your wrap tops with accessories such as broaches for a extra bit of elegance and a great evening look.

So whether at work or play, wrap tops adds shape and sophistication to any woman’s look.

Source: Kris Smith

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