Fragrance is Making a Statement

Ralph LaurenDesigner clothes(designer toej) is not the only one that attracts people to but also fragrance. Just as perfume gives out it's fragrance to whomsoever approaches our uses it, so love from within us radiates towards everybody and manifests as spontaneous service. Therefore it is important that you use a perfume that complements your personality.

Finding a perfume that blends with your natural smell and enhances it is a must. The fragrance should be such that it is subtle, but not overpowering. It should not keep people away from you, but near you. A good fragrance will add an extra dimension to your personality and give you confidence.

It is best to apply a fragrance just after bathing because that is when your skin will be soft and the pores will be open to absorb the smell. Try and use a bland or non-perfumed soap, because soaps and deodorants can affect the smell of the fragrance.

Never stick to only one fragrance the whole year round. Try out different ones in different seasons. Hot weather calls for cooling fragrances while in cold weather you can use stronger fragrances. The intensity of the fragrance also varies with the weather temperature.

Lauren perfumes for women by Ralph Lauren is one of the best fragrance. This designer fragrance is a sharp blend of flowery aromas. Lauren perfumes for women by Ralph Lauren fragrances are recommended for casual wear.

A perfume is like a piece of clothing, a message, a way of presenting oneself ... a costume ... that differs according to the woman who wears it. Long after one has forgotten what a person wore, the memory of it's perfume lingers.


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