Kopenhagen Fur sponsors Copenhagen Fashion Week

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Kopenhagen Fur has joined forces with Copenhagen Fashion Week sponsoring the event that takes place 4 to 8 February in Copenhagen.

- Fur is an integral part of Nordic culture and history and at the same time fur is both extremely modern and exclusive opening for an excessive number of ways to work with it creatively within fashion. The sponsor agreement between Kopenhagen fur and Copenhagen Fashion Week is therefore a natural step in the on-going effort to position Copenhagen Fashion Week as an event in line with fashion weeks in Paris, London, Milan and New York, says Ms. Eva Kruse, Director of Danish Fashion Institute, the organizer of Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Kopenhagen Fur looks forward to the possibility of further promoting Danish fashion:

- Kopenhagen Fur has been a part of the Danish fashion industry for years. As a major player, it is a natural step to support initiatives like Copenhagen Fashion Week that really has understood to landmark Danish fashion and design internationally, says Marketing Director Patrizia Ventuerelli Christensen, Kopenhagen Fur.

Copenhagen Fashion Week has grown to be the greatest fashion event in Northern Europe with 57,000 fashion professionals attending the event. Almost half of them are from abroad. It is the ambition to create a platform making Copenhagen Fashion Week the world's 5th most important fashion event.

- Kopenhagen Fur is without comparison the most international corporation in Danish fashion making it the perfect match for Copenhagen Fashion Week's international ambitions, states Ms. Eva Kruse.

Several shows and exhibitions during Copenhagen Fashion Week will include fur. Designers working with fur and showcasing their creations during Copenhagen Fashion Week are Louise Amstrup, Christian Westphal, Elise Gug and Cecilie Toklum - all in co-operation with Kopenhagen Fur.

Kopenhagen Fur is the world's largest fur auction house. The creative part of the company, Kopenhagen Studio, works with Danish and international designers developing innovative ways of using fur in fashion.

Source: kopenhagenfur.com

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