How To Be Sexy, Unique and Stylish

designer toejThe women fashion industry will always be in business. The multi-billion dollar industry is signified by evolving trends, fashion centered events like the Melbourne Cup Spring Racing Carnival and celebrities like Paris Hilton and Victoria Beckham coming out with their own fashion labels. For a woman fighting to make her own signature mark in society, being sexy, unique and stylish can be a challenge. But it all basically boils down to three main points:

1. Be confident in yourself.

Let’s face it. Even A-list celebrities get criticised in the media every single day. Lindsay Lohan’s dress might be the talk of the town tonight, but tomorrow, if she puts on a daggy pair of jeans, she will still be slammed by the Hollywood fashion police.

Being confident can make up to 50% of the attractiveness of a person. How you carry yourself is almost equivalent to what you are wearing, if you pull it off with grace, posture and cool self-assuredness.

2. Check out trends and tailor them to your own style

Keeping an eye on trends in the fashion world does not necessarily mean having to buy every piece of designer wear that comes out in the market. If you find a design or style that you like, tailor it!

Dressmaking is not a very expensive or time-consuming thing to do. Tailored clothing ensures your uniqueness and gives you the opportunity to wear a piece of clothing that best fits your body, style and comfort.

3. Wear quality fabric

The quality of the clothing you wear plays a vital role in comfort, look and movability. Wearing all-natural types of fabric can assist in warming up winter nights, cooling down summer afternoons, and give you the freedom to move freely.


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