Jessica Simpson's Gold Pleated Babydoll Dress

This is one of those dresses that you can wear to a cocktail party or a wedding. This Jessica Simpson dress has a hint of sassy, but it is elegant too. It's great that she can pull off her classic Bohemian look and then turn around and wear a babydoll dress.

The thing that got me most about this dress is the color pallet. There are different things that attract us to a dress and this is one of the main factors.

This floral print is so attractive that there is no way to ignore it! The flowers on this dress were printed on the fabric with a metallic chemical that helps them to stand out from the background with such creativity.

The creative person behind designing the twisting and pleating is so amazing! This dress has boning in the bodice that adds support to the bust area. It gives the dress a stronger structure on both the exterior and interior of the dress.


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