Hime Gyaru Fashion on United Kingdom

Hime Gyaru is a fashion in japan for teenage girls that's all about designer clothes and having fun. The girls often tan or dye or bleach their hair but that's not necessary. This style is not to become confused with the japanese lolita fashion who wear poofy skirts and try to be child-like. Hime gyaru is about looking like a young lady who is well off and can afford nice this. They wear cocktail dresses in mainly pastel colors with lots of bows. They usually are fair-skinned or don't have very dark tans. Their hair is often light brown or blonde and in a beehive style.

The point of the style is too look fancy and beautiful like a young woman not an innocent little girl like lolita.

Any gals in the UK may have noticed some hime style fashion coming into stores recently. have got some gorgeous little dresses and princess tops. The whole romatic look was really big last spring with big lace and poet sleeves ect, this spring it's more toned down to be more pretty and less dramatic. It was nice last spring, but this time it's more practical.


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