2009 Fashion from new york fashion week

We've seen a lot of fashion styles in jeans, tops, shoes , dress, and also accessories especially those designer clothes who always keeps up with the latest fashion trends from the past years. Now, this year started with a beautiful and colorful collection of clothes that will surely stand out.

The runway as seen with different looks of global, safari, grunge as well as 30’s and 40’s looks. Styles such as jumpsuits, harem pants, kooky colors and patterns, and blazers.

Girlawhirl recognizes what retailers refer to as a ‘key item' when she sees one, and for Spring and Summer '09, she's pretty sure the hottest key item of them all will be the jumpsuit. Whether it's casual-chic with shorts like a sophisticated romper or all dressed up like the black boat neck number at Max Azria Girlawhirl figures this is one trend she'll buy into.

Harem Pants:
Different from the wide legged silhouettes Girlawhirl saw on some runways, the Harem Pant is full through the hip and leg, but then is banded at the ankle. It's sure to be a new addition to wardrobes all over America because it's easy to wear without being over the top and will provide women with an option that falls somewhere in between pants and a skirt. Slim fitting tops, flattish sandals and the recognition that the pant itself is the most forward piece of the outfit, which means keeping over the top accessories to a minimum.

Kooky Colors and Patterns:
The mix of folkloric and abstract patterns colors she thought would have clashed and more, was an enduring theme during New York Fashion Week. While the trend doesn't quite translate to ‘anything goes,' it will allow for a more relaxed attitude towards her usual ‘what color can I wear with that?' dilemma.

The Blazer:
It's not the typical suit jacket that caught Girlawhirl's eye on the runways, but the blazer thrown on over a dress, pant or even pair of shorts; not to create the look of a suit, but for a bit of casual ease, as if to replace the cardigan she usually thinks to reach for. Slightly oversized, and definitely not uptight, the idea of throwing a blazer over her bare shoulders come Spring and Summer '09 is something she's sure to incorporate into her look.

source: www.girlawhirl.com


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