2009 Spring Fashion

Spring fashion trends contains soft-looking revealing sheers for women; retro prints from the oldies to the Roman goddess togas; dazzling metallics to exotic floral prints and colors like lime green and pretty corals.

This spring fashion trends had caught the eyes of the audiences and they find them interesting on the runways.

Women's tops for 2009 spring fashion trends are comfortable and pretty colorful. The knits are light and delicate while the button down shirts are designed to be worn outside the pants or skirt. Tunics are also in style, are easy to slip on without fussing with the buttons or zippers. No wardrobe is complete without at least one tuning or polo shirt for the 2009 spring season fashion.

Ralph Lauren does not disappoint with this beautiful 3/4 long sleeve polo shirt in 100% cotton. The color of the season for this shirt is blue, and the gold buttons at the neckline really make this shirt look smashing. The perfect shirt to wear with a pair of jeans. In addition, Polo Ralph Lauren cream jacket with light tints of cream and sand--spring's neutrals for 2009 reflect a light tone with just a touch of color added. Wear these nude neutrals alone for a lighter-than-air look or combine them with darker browns or khakis to mix it up a bit.


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