Men's Fashion for Autumn

For the first time a sense of seasonal change in evening air. Certain leaves are beginning to turn fresh inspiration for fashion designers. But don’t think doom and gloom, conversely its cause for celebration, when the autumn leaves start falling, new fashions will be blooming. Fresh styles will be hitting the decks of the high street stores and, the economy willing, shoppers will be out in droves.

The really good news is for men, finally there will be out of ordinary natural enough floral’s to choose from. For the adventurous there are floral suits and some dandy hats, it’s the 70’s all over, a very productive decade for many of the arts, music, style innovation and architecture. And to brighten up any gray autumn skies there will be plenty of men’s jewelery to dress up your outfit.

The line up is impressive, new designers making out an existence along side the rich and famous, but regardless of your position in the industry hierarchy, the essence is in the flower.


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